Old News

Here are some of the old blurbs in case you're way out of date with my site.
November 1, 2002
I noticed a listing for an audio book related to Roger this evening: Beyond 2000 (* Dove Books Audio; ASIN: 0787124125; unabridged edition () ). Anyone know anything about it? There's also, of course, the ibooks version of The Doors of his Face, the Lamps of His Mouth, which contains different items than were published in the original collection.
A fan asked me to showcase her work on the site, so I've got three of her pictures available to look at here: one, two, and three.
I've added some more encouters with Roger, cleaned up a little of the html (if you see more pages where the center column is not center, please let me know. I've added some more stuff to my collection, added another anthology and added a little icon that those of you with fairly current browsers should be seeing in your address bar.
Don't forget the books I've got for sale
July 29, 2002
Not much happening. Nine Starships in Waiting has been put on hold or cancelled. That means there are no short story collections of Roger's work in progress.
If anyone's going to be at WorldCon, drop me a line. I'll be there from Thursday to Monday.
May 1, 2002
Geez. Five months? Well, not a heck of a lot has been going on in the Zelazny universe and my wife has dragged me into the hobby of saltwater aquariums.
What has happened?
ibooks has released an edition of The Last Defender of Camelot that has different stories than the original collection. I haven't purchased the book yet, and I haven't seen a complete table of contents, or I'd post it here.
The Sci-Fi channel will be showing "The Chronicles of Amber," hopefully more than loosely based on the books. Tom Patricia (First Shot, King of the World: The Muhammad Ali Story, Intensity, Medusa's Child, The Linda McCartney Story) of Patriarch Pictures will serve as executive producer.
Coming in the future is the publication of John Gregory Betancourt's Roger Zelazny's Dawn of Amber. Probably around September or thereabouts. I've determined that it does not become a part of my Zelazny collection, but I have not decided if I'm going to buy it or not.
I bought a copy of Polemic on ebay that I just discovered is not mentioned in Amber Dreams. It contains the poem: "Come, Let Us Pace The Sky-Aspiring Wave". Almost as important as getting it into my collection, and finding out that I hadn't known to look for this issues, was finding out that it was purblished by the Polemic Society of Western Reserve University (now Case Western Reserve University). I just remembered that Case Western was a likely candidate for me to attend when I graduated from High School. That would have been weird. I still need to look for the Spring 1959 issue of this magazine, though.
I'm going to change the poll question to ask whether you will buy John Betancourt's book.
January 3, 2002
There's a new trade paperback collection of Roger's stuff due to be released later this year. It will be titled Nine Starships Waiting and it will contain the following stuff:
"The Borgia Hand"
"Circle Has Her Problems"
"Come to Me Not in Winter's White" (Collaboration with Harlan Ellison)
"The Drawing"
"Final Dining"
"He That Moves"
"The Injured"
"King Solomon's Ring"
"The Last In on the Road" (Collaboration with Dannie Platcha)
"The Malatesta Collection"
"The Man At the Corner of Now & Forever"
"Mine is the Kingdom"
"The Misfit"
"Monologue for Two"
"Moonless in Byzantium"
"Nine Starships Waiting"
"Of Time and the Yan"
"On the Road to Splenoba"
"The Salvation of Faust"
"Song of the Blue Baboon"
"The Teachers Rode a Wheel of Fire"
"Threshold of the Prophet"
"The Year of the Good Seed" (Collaboration with Dannie Platcha)

Plus at least one interview and a few essays.
I've added a bunch of convention appearances. Norris found some of them for me, and installing them onto the page got me looking for more.
I've learned of some more printings of Roger's stuff in Czech: Devet princu Amberu (Nine Princes in Amber), Oko kocky (Eye of Cat), Posledni obrance Kamelotu, (Last Defender of Camelot), and Pan stinu (Jack of Shadows).
Those of you who haven't visited alt.books.roger-zelazny missed my announcement of the "Which Prince/Princess of Amber are You?" page. You can find it here. I got my first award from any website the other day, probably because of this little script. Coolness!

October 3, 2001
I saw a release for the new Amber books just a few minutes ago and thought I'd pass along some of the information. The first book Nine Prince in Chaos will be available next September. It is the first in the Dawn of Amber trilogy and is to be published by Byron Preiss's ibooks.
I've got the page up that lists all of Roger's works that are known to have Advance Reading Copies or Uncorrected Proofs. I don't have it linked in anywhere, so the only place you can access it is right here. if you know of any proofs I do not have listed. And, if you want to sell me any, let me know that, too.
October 1, 2001
I discovered another error in Amber Dreams. It states that there is a limited edition, leatherbound edition of Madwand that is limited to 15 copies. I temporarily had in my possession a copy that was lettered "X". If there were only 15 copies, the lettering would stop at "O". I'm going to state that the edition is limited to 26 copies which, according to rumor, most Phantasia Press editions were limited to. Also, neither of the copies I have seen had the laid in limitation sheet. They were both lettered on the sheet that states there are 750 copies in the run. Amber Dreams did get the color correct, though.
I hope to get a page up that lists all of Roger's works that are known to have Advance Reading Copies or Uncorrected Proofs.
September 19, 2001
I hope all of you are able to deal with the repurcussions of September 11 and I hope that your friends and loved ones are doing okay. Some folks discovered a snippet from Guns of Avalon that is appropriate to the situation.
Beyond the River of the Blessed,
there we sat down, yea, we wept,
when we remembered Avalon.
Our swords were shattered in our hands
and we hung our shields on the oak tree.
The silver towers were fallen,
into a sea of blood.
How many miles to Avalon?
None, I say, and all.
The silver towers are fallen.
A couple of neat people have dropped me emails recently. The first one was Thomas T. Thomas, co-author of Flare and Mask of Loki with Roger and he asked me to put up a link to his site. The site is http://www.thomastthomas.com. I'll put it into the Center of the Pattern, as well. The other visitor was Trent Zelazny. I believe Trent is starting to dabble in writing and I hope it goes well for him.
bob pylant discovered another Francis Sandow story. This one's not listed in Amber Dreams or any of the other bibliogrpahies I own. The title is Standing in my Shadow and it appeared in Empire Science Fiction. I don't have a copy of this item, yet, obviously. I wonder if there is any other work that the bibliographies have missed?
I finally remembered to send the banner I created to my home email address

August 23, 2001
It's WorldCon time again. I'll be disappearing for a while (as if I update this often enough for you to notice whether I'm around or not). If you're going to be at MilPhil and want to get together, leave a message for Scott Zrubek on the VooDoo Message Board.
There is some potentially interesting stuff going on in the Zelazny world, but I've been asked not to say anything yet.
I've done some graphics work and come up with a small banner for folks to put on their site if they want to spruce up their link to my site. When I remember to send it from work, I'll let ya'll know.
I've put up a new survey. If there is someone else you think should be on the list, . If there are some other questions you'd like to have asked, , too.
July 19, 2001
I've updated the center of the pattern by removing dead links and updating the links of some other sites. Thanks to all of the folks who've dropped by with information.
I've updated the cover artists and added an encounter or two, as well. Also, while looking for some images of Roger, I found information on two more conventions at which he was GoH.
Nothing much of import is happening in the Zelazny world. But, a few books are being reprinted by IBooks: Damnation Alley, and The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth. No further word has come out about the NPiA movie, so let's call the project dead, shall we?
June 1, 2001
If you see a magazine titled "Dallascon Bulletin IV" and it states that it has some Zelazny content, it's wrong. I acquired a copy of it through an auction based on a misleading description (from the same vendor as the IS #5) and sent it back. Don't be fooled.
May 21, 2001
Once again, it's been four months since I've made an update. It's been a very hectic time. Unfortunately, it's been pretty quiet in the Zelazny world.
I don't know what is new in this update. I've been adding stuff to my database bit by bit so there's no telling what's new.
If you see a magazine titled "IS #5" and it states that it has some Zelazny content, it's wrong. I acquired a copy of it through an auction based on a misleading description and sent it back. Don't be fooled.
The state of Zelazny auctions on ebay is definitely lively. I'm getting outbid all over the place. :(
Jan 14, 2001
Four months since I've made an update. It's been a very hectic time. Unfortunately, it's been pretty quiet in the Zelazny world.
I've put up some new encounters. Also added are some Russian translations of Roger's works. Because of the way my database is set up, I've listed all of the titles individually. Most of the books, however, have more than one story/novel contained within the covers. Most folks probably won't care, because they're not crazy enough to try and find them.
The ebook/pirating discussion continues to rear its ugly head in the newsgroup. I wish it would stop. I need to check to see if the Russian editions were authorized or not. Considering that a bunch of pirated stories show up on Russian servers, it's an interesting question.
I wonder if I'll ever hear any concrete news on upcoming Zelazny collections or the "Nine Princes in Amber" movie? I'll let you know if anything turns up.
Aug 31, 2000
Two updates in a month. Amazing!
I've just added The Agnostic's Prayer. I don't have it linked in through the left or right hand images, yet, but it will reside in the second veil.
I had two emails in one day last week asking for the text to A Salesman's Tale. I think they were both from the same person, but different addresses. The site they referenced in their emails has a bunch of Roger's stories on-line in text files. They've also got a downloadable format for the Writer's Voice interview that I converted to digital format and they've got some pictures of Roger for which I pruchased the right to display on my site. I know I was being naive thinking that they wouldn't show up elsewhere, and especially on a Russian site, but it was still disappointing to see.
EBay turned up a magazine entitled Apollo with a Letter of Comment from Roger in it. He briefly mentions that his muse is backseat-driving him through a novel. The issue also has a LoC from Robert Bloch, Robert Silverberg and Tom Disch
No news yet on upcoming Zelazny books. Soon, I hope, soon.
Aug 2, 2000
Goodness, it's been a while. I've added a couple of pages for where Roger's works appear in collection: sorted by story and sorted by collection. These pages were up and running several weeks ago, but I just didn't update this page.
Things are still happening in the arena of upcoming Zelazny books, but there's nothing concrete to report as of yet. Summer time is a slow time and I'm having to do some moonlighting to pay off the complete A/C system I had to buy for the house.
June 13, 2000
I've put a new survey question up. If ya'll keep answering them, I'll try to keep coming up with questions to ask. I can always use
I'm working on a couple of sections to add to the site. A good number of you will know that one of them will relate stories on how the visitor's to this site , whether in print, or in person. Another section will (finally!) list the stories in the various collections of Roger's works that were published (e.g., Frost and Fire).
I also plan on generating a single page that lists all of the stories, poems, etc., together on one page and will list the various items in which they appeared. It will list magazines, collections and anthologies all together in one monstrous lump. It will make it easier to see which stories are the least frequently published. I've got most of the information together for the new pages, but I still have to build the graphics for the links to them. They should be up within a week.
I haven't forgotten about the request to add pictures of foreign editions of Roger's books, but it takes a lot of time to do all of the scanning. I will get to it, eventually.
If you've got something you want to ask, want to tell me, or want me to add to the site, please don't hesitate to do so. Getting a is one of the few ways I know that this information is being seen.
May 9, 2000
I've gotten some more information on Estonian translations, Polish translations and a link to a little more information on Nine Princes in Amber, the film.
I've also added, with the assistance and blessing of Patrick Hulman (who originally developed the information), a section on the audio books with which Roger was involved. If you discover any others not listed there,
Also, for those of you who frequent Usenet, if you spot any of Roger's works being uploaded, please get the headers of those postings. We can forward those on to the folks at SFWA, I think, to see if that sort of theft can be slowed.
April 10, 2000
The new survey question is up, in case you haven't noticed
I've created a group for SetiAtHome called Ghostwheel. Let's get together and find those aliens!
April 3, 2000
Well, I'm back from my trip. If you want to know anything about it, check out my vacation web page. Right now, there's information just on one city on our tour, but there will be more later.
I've found some info. missing from my database and just finished entering it. I hope it shows up on the correct pages.
One of the visitors to this site, Tomasz Golinski, provided me with a bunch of info. on Polish translations.
I think the first survey question has run its course, with NPiA the runaway winner. I'll put up the next question up in a day or so.
February 25, 2000
I had a few extra minutes this evening and it's fixed.
February 25, 2000
Thanks for trying to do the survey, folks. I'm sorry that it's not working. I'll fix it in a couple of weeks.
February 23, 2000
Scott Badger dropped a note in alt.books.roger-zelazny the other day with a new tidbit concerning Nine Princes in Amber, the film. The information is on my site on the Nine Princes in Amber, the film page.
I've added a survey to my site and have linked to it from the front page of the site. It's a pretty basic question this time. If you have any multiple choice questions you want asked of the visitors to this site
I'll be out of touch for the next few weeks. If you drop me a note, please be patient. I'll be isolated from communication devices until March 20, or so.
February 14, 2000
Happy Valentine's Day, all.
Barry Geller dropped a note to talk about his new site Lord of Light. It's worth a visit, so drop on by.
Okay, fess up. Which one of ya'll bought the signed Faber edition of Sign of the Unicorn from Cold Drake books? A couple of other books have made it into my collection. The information should be in the usual places.
January 18, 2000
I've discovered two new items contain Roger's work. One, The Unexplained, contains Unicorn Variation and the other Omniumgathum contains some poetry. I don't have either of these in my collection yet.
I've talked to Roger's agent a couple of times over the past couple of months and feel pretty certain that we will see some sort of compilation of Roger's short stories within 12 months. No, I don't know what stories will show up. The deals are, apparently, still unsettled.
There are some new listings in the acquisitions and discoveries page, and some more acquisitions are in progress.
December 21, 1999
I thought I'd get one last little update in before the 2000s start. I don't have any news, but I've acquired a couple of books. Nothing unusual, though.
Here's wishing you Season's Greetings and a safe and uneventful New Year.
December 9, 1999
I had a weird dream last night. I had travelled up to Euclid, Ohio ( Roger's hometown ) and gone to the school library. Roger was sitting at a glass case containing some ( books?, letters?, other items? ) of his. He recognized me and greeted me by name (!!!!!!). We chatted for a while and at one point he said a last name without a "z" is like (...). I then asked him if it would be okay for me to compile some of his older stories into a book and publish them. He said yes.
What does it all mean? If you have ideas,
I'm still waiting on the omnibus Amber book. Last time I checked my local store, they didn't have it. I've heard it's a monster.
November 9, 1999
I finally read The Salesman's Tale. It's a great story, find it if you can. On the AlexLit scale of things, I give it a Excellent.
Not much else is going on that's visible on the surface in the Zelazny-world. But, like a duck, it is very busy below the waterline. I'm working on getting the anchors to work on the anthology pages. I've got them working on two of the three story pages.
I haven't gotten the Ellison collection that has one of Roger's (old) stories in it yet and I'm also waiting on the omnibus Amber book due out in December.
Also, no news on the movie. I've been checking on the web, and the most recent stuff is about October of 1998.
October 11, 1999
Cool! Folks are already using the search utility. Maybe I'll add the agnostic's prayer to the site somewhere.
I finally got my copy of Galaxy that has the short story (~360 words ) Tunnel Vision in it. On the AlexLit scale of things, I give it a Really Good. It's worth picking up. You should be able to order it at galaxyezine, for about 3 bucks.
I've put the information Mr. Krulik provided on the biography page and updated the mysteries page.
October 7, 1999
Ted Krulik, author of The Complete Amber Sourcebook and Roger Zelazny, a biography, dropped me a note recently. He solved some of the mysteries on the mystery page, but I haven't updated the relevant pages, yet.That's what happens when the in-laws come in to town. Some of the information was in the biography book, which I obviously haven't read. It is the next book I will be reading.
You may have noticed the addition of a search capability on the home page. It's a free service provided by atomz.com, but it seems to be worth more than I paid for it. It'll help me when folks ask about details of my pages that I can't remember. Hopefully, it will help you, my faithful visitor.
September 3, 1999
I've added two new pages to the site: Zelazny Mysteries, which contains things I can't confirm or deny about his storie/books/other things and Zelazny Cover Artists, which lists artists for Roger's works. If you know of additions to make let me know.
August 31, 1999
Geez, it's been a month and a half since I've put in a new comment! Well, my computer has recovered. I don't have my second monitor up and running yet, but I will soon.
I'll be adding two sections to the site soon: cover artists and mysteries. The former is self-explanatory, the latter will contain rumors of books or other things I've just heard in passing.
I've rearranged some stuff in my database and things should be sorted a little differently. A story with "The" or "A" at the beginning will be sorted by the second word in the title. I've only made the change in the anthology areas, the magazines should show up later.
July 12, 1999
Thanks to the three folks who've ordered the interview, the checks were greatly appreciated and the interviews should be in your hands by now.
A visitor has informed me of some translations he did of Roger's works into Estonian that have been published. Another visitor dropped by with a link to a seller of Bulgarian translations.
I'm working on compiling cover artists with the titles of Roger's books. Then I've got to do some programming to get my database to spit the information out properly. After that's done, there'll be a new section up. Don't hold your breath. If you're a frequent visitor here, you can guess how long it might take me.
June 23, 1999
An electronic visitor, Steve Terrell, stopped by with a copy of the obituary that appeared in Roger's hometown newspaper, The Santa Fe New Mexican. I've put it up on its own page.
June 22, 1999
Thanks to all of you who have told me the stories of how you met Roger, whether in print or in person. The stories are fabulous and touching. Some of them are even capable of making me envious. Keep them coming.
I've copied the synopses that Kerry Lamb has written for me onto the pages that have the pictures of the book covers so you can see what the book should look like and what it should be about, all in the same spot. Get to the books here. I still need plenty of synopses (hint, hint).
BRAGI finally tracked down the book I needed to complete the two book foundation for my collection. A first edition of Lord of Light is finally in my possession. If anyone else out there is looking, have patience, they do turn up. /BRAG
June 16, 1999
Well, the interview is finally done! If you want a copy let me know. I said the cost would be $6 and so it shall, but I forgot about jewel cases, so a few extra scheckels would be appreciated.
My mom just got back from Italy. She picked up a couple of books for me: Jack of Shadows and Changeling. The Changeling book was news to me. In case you haven't guessed, if you've got access to foreign language editions of books I don't have, I'm willing to pay shipping, handling, the cost of the book, plus a little something extra as a finder's fee.
June 7, 1999
Well, not much has changed, a whole lot has changed. I hope you like the new design of the site. I haven't tried it out with text-only browsers to see how well it works, but I'd guess not many of you are using those. If I'm wrong, please let me know.
I've gotten no further along on the interview. Soon, I keep telling myself, soon.
May 20, 1999
I've finally gotten around to starting a translation section. I've got two pages of the same information, sorted different ways: by book title, and by country. I know I've got tons of stuff missing because my source is from 1982, although I do have some Czech information that is more recent. If you've got anything I might be interested in, let me know.
I've also confirmed that there is a book club version of Lord of Light that has a jacket done by the guy who did the jacket for the true first edition.
May 10, 1999
There's been this phantom item - The Bands of Titan - that I've been trying to confirm. A visitor to this site - Christopher Kovacs, MD - has done so. This item does exist, and it looks like it'll be a tough item to find, with only 203 of them printed. More challenges!
The information should be on the acquisitions and discoveries page. There might be a picture someday.
Speaking of pictures, are there any items that anyone needs to see a scan of that I have in my collection? Let me know.
April 20, 1999
Norris, changed his URL last week, and I'm changing mine this week. Lots of change going on in the Zelazny world. You'll notice that you still managed to get here, though. The new URL is http://www.roger-zelazny.com. The old URL will continue to work, but changing to the new one will make it easier for you, if I decide to change service providers.
April 13, 1999
I've just received a proof copy of Lord Demon. Hopefully, I'll read it soon and can report on it shortly.
Norris reports that his URL has changed to http://zelazny.corrupt.net/zelazny.html. In a few days, you might be able to get to this site with an easier-to-remember URL, but that's all I'll say for now.
Norris has also convinced me to offer up the interview on CD-ROM for cost of media plus shipping. I think that would be about $6, priority shipping. So far, nobody has expressed an interest, is there any?
April 6, 1999
I've tracked down a publication due out this September that should contain Come to Me Not in Winter's White. My recent acquisitions and discoveries are now automated, so you can find the book title there.
April 4, 1999
I've changed a few links to my information, so if you've bookmarked some lower pages, you might need to do it again.
I've finally tracked down the piece that Roger wrote for The Stephen King Companion. It is Writing Horror after Reading Clive Barker. I haven't automated my recent acquisitions and discoveries, but I will soon.
I'm about 40% done with converting the audio tape of an interview Roger did in 1973 to digital format. I've got it all on my disk, but I'm breaking it down by question and converting it to stereo. If you're going to be interested in a copy ( probably 2 CD's and $10 including shipping. I've had to buy some new software for this project :( ) let me know
March 4, 1999
Well, not much has happened in the past month. I've gotten a few synopses in and I think they are in my links. Yep, just checked, they are.
I've converted my book database from FoxPro to Lotus Notes. The fact that I don't have to compile and make a new executable each time I want to make a change was a driving factor. Also, my day job is working in Lotus Notes, so I know it pretty well. Anyway, I've got my book collection in it and I've got it generating html for me, so I've put it on the web. A couple of folks expressed interest in it, so I've put a link to it on here. It's going to help me in my book searches and hopefully it'll help ya'll in yours as well. There's all sorts of info on it and it takes up a good bit of real estate. Let me know what you think about it.
I've discovered a couple of more anthologies that Roger appeared in and I've picked up a few more as well. Hopefully, I'll get the discoveries and/or acquisitions page automated with the new database so it'll be easier to keep up.
I've also signed up with ICQ. If I'm on the net at home ( work has a firewall set up that won't let ICQ transmissions through ), I'm on ICQ. You're more than welcome to hook up with me. My number is 32692207. Once you get hooked up with ICQ, you'll know what to do with the number.
February 3, 1999
Thanks to everyone (Norris, Bob and bob) who informed me that I had left out Francis Sandow and the cast of Devil Car from the list of continuing characters.
I've finally gotten the pictures of Roger that I shelled out money for, scanned in and onto a page of their own. I'd prefer that you not use the pictures on your own pages, but if you do, please place a link to my site and put a note saying where you got the picture(s).
One of the visitors to this site (thanks Kerry) suggested I put up a page for synopses of Roger's stories and I thought it was a good idea. Now I just need the synopses. So, if you like to write and are interested in writing a 250 word, couple of paragraph description of one of Roger's stories, use my trump. A number of them are spoken for, but there are tons still available.
January 18, 1999
Well, we're officially in the last year that begins with a one for about 8000 years, so I guess it's time to prepare. Anybody got an underground bunker to sell? ;-)
One of the visitors to this site reminded me that I had mentioned the Nine Princes in Amber movie in one of the updates that I misplaced. I've taken the only semi-reliable information I could find and put it on a movie page.
I've also added a page with the continuing characters to be found in Roger's works. Please, if you can think of others, let me know.
December 22, 1998
On EBay, I ran across a copy of Star Reach that had a copy of The Doors....., so that has been added to the bibliography. I've picked up a couple of other magazines recently, but those have just confirmed the reference materials I use, they haven't been anything surprising.
Well, I guess I'll extend the season's greetings to those of you who come dropping by. May you find this time of year filled with Peace and Joy.
December 10, 1998
Let me take this time to offer my best wishes for the holiday season. Not many folks'll probably see this greeting, so it won't get weakened by getting spread out.
I don't know what happened, but I lost the updates for October and November. If anyone happened to download the site during that time, please let me know. Or even if you remember what I talked about. I might be able to remember the facts if someone can tell me what I was talking about.
I think they concerned the fact that there is a chapbook And the Darkness is Harsh that contains republications of some of Roger's work from high school. It also contains a real photograph of Roger from high school. There weren't many published ( 80 or so ), so it might be kind of tough to find.
Lord Demon has been pushed back until August of 1999. I've heard rumors that publishers are actually going to stick to their publishing dates as release dates. That means you won't be able to find the book in the stores until August. Unlike the current method, where you could find it in July.
September 21, 1998
Lord Demon is due to be out in May of 1999. If you're lucky, you should be able to pick it up in April.
Also, Bob Sullivan brought to my attention the fact that Roger wrote an introduction to the GrimJack graphic novel Demon Knight that was published in 1989.
September 18, 1998
I've finished both Lord of the Fantastic and Psychoshop. I recommend both of them highly. My favorite story in Lord of the Fantastic was written by Thomas Monteleone and Robert McCoy.
Norris and I have been hanging out on the #amber irc channel of EFnet recently. We had a long discussion on Psychoshop last week. We went through the book and picked out some passages that had to be written by Alfred and some that had to be written by Roger. As a general recommendation, Psychoshop has some adult situations and a few graphic areas, so younger children should be dissuaded from reading it.
If I'm going to be on-line on irc it'll be between 5 and 7 p.m. weekdays. Come join us, it's pretty lonely on that channel.
Also, I'm working on a highly graphical intro page for this site. I'm 50% through with the work now. I hope to have it up and running in the next week or so, unless I have to rework the graphic.
August 22, 1998
I've finally updated my discoveries and/or acquisitions page. It's also got some corrections of bibliographic information on the page. I'm going to start treating Roger Zelazny Master of Amber by Phil Stephenson-Payne as needing double-checking. It's fed me incorrect information for two recent purchases.
I've got two more stories to read in Lord of the Fantastic. I'll post a short review when I'm done, I hope.
August 18, 1998
I've added a new section on some of the events in Roger's life. Or, you can check it out in my main section of links below.
August 13, 1998
Well, there's another Zelazny book due out pretty soon: Lord Demon. This one was also completed by Jane Lindskold. I don't know when it's going to be released. Psychoshop got good marks from Locus this month as a recommended book. Also, Lord of the Fantastic is out in stores.
I'm working on acquiring some more pictures of Roger, you'll read about it here first when they come in.
I talked to Martin Greenberg (the editor of Lord of the Fantastic) at WorldCon and he's as upset as I am about the tribute to Roger. At least the packaging of the book, that is. It's a trade paperback with a silver/grey cover that uses a picture of Roger for the main design. It's a horribly boring cover, not designed to catch anyone's eye. Hmmmph!
Duh! Here's the list of authors paying tribute to Roger in the anthology: Gregory Benford, Steven Brust, Paul Dellinger, Neil Gaiman, Jack C. Haldeman, II, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Jane Lindskold, John Miller, Thomas F. Monteleone, Robert Wayne McCoy, Pati Nagle, Andre Norton, Jennifer Roberson, William Sanders, Robert Sheckley, Robert Silverberg, Bradley H. Sinor, William Browning Spencer, Michael A. Stackpole, John Varley, Walter Jon Williams, Jack Williamson. That's a lot of folks, a lot of big names and a lot of Roger's friends in that mix. He was well-loved and he is dearly-missed.
Let's see now... Oh, there should be audio books of some of the Amber novels available in unabridged format as we speak. If I recollect correctly, Roger narrates them. I think Roger read the whole book when they first recorded them and they edited them down for the abridged versions. I still don't know if Prince of Chaos is available in audio format.
July 1, 1998
This make it three months in a row. I'm gonna start a trend if I don't watch it.
There's a new book out with Last Defender of Camelot in it. It's entitled Isaac Asimov's Camelot, edited by Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams.
Supposedly (according to amazon), the book that Roger finished for Alfred Bester is now available. I haven't tried to order it, but I'll pick it up a WorldCon, if it's out.
I just received a copy of a Strange Glory and, according to one of my bibliographies, it's supposed to contain The Man Who Loved the Faoli in it, but it doesn't. If you're looking to buy that book to read that short story, you're wasting your money.
If you're at WorldCon, leave a message for me at the VooDoo message board, or look for me at any of Warren Lapine's panels, or helping out in the dealer's room. I'll be the 6'5" guy wearing a camo jacket.
June 4, 1998
Wow, an update two months in a row! Just got a note from Robert Wayne McCoy who said he had received the galley copy of his portion of the book being published in Roger's memory. He mentioned that it has a nice cover: a picture of Roger smiling. I found the book while searching at Avon Eos. It's to be released in September.
I just talked to Sunset Productions about the audio tape for Prince of Chaos. They said it should be out next month. It was originally going to be read by one of Roger's sons (he did have two, didn't he? Or was it just Trent?), but that didn't work out, so it's being read by Karl Wagner. I saw a note somewhere that The Last Defender of Camelot was on audio tape. Can anyone confirm this? It's not a Sunset Productions tape and it's not listed at Amazon.
May 5, 1998
It's been quite a while since I've updated these pages. Not much is happening currently. I'm mainly waiting on books to be published. The book that Roger finished for Alfred Bester is supposed to be out soon (Psychoshop : Published by Vintage Books Publication date: July 1998 ISBN: 0679767827).
I managed to get in to Texas A&M Special Collections Library a couple of weeks ago and had them pull out a couple of books of Roger's. I got to see a pristine first printing hardback signed copy of "Nine Princes in Amber." For a book collector like me, it was heaven on earth. I went there looking to see if they would be a suitable location for my collection someday. I'm not terribly pleased that the collection would not be kept together in one spot. If anyone has some ideas on a good place for them, let me know.
From the information I've gathered, there is currently no tribute to Roger scheduled for WorldCon this year, contradicting what was said in the Locus issue following his death. If anyone knows differently, please let me know.
Also, some folks have had a hard time e-mailing me recently. I think it was a problem with my ISP, but I'm not sure. I've changed the e-mail links on this page only. If you e-mail me through any of the other links on the page, and it doesn't work, try this one.
February 24, 1998
I've got a few books for sale. Check them out here.
February 5, 1998
I got an e-mail from one of the authors (Robert Wayne McCoy) whose story is to appear in Lord of the Fantastic: Stories in Honor of Roger Zelazny yeasterday. He gave me a list of some of the authors who will be in the anthology. The authors include: Neil Gaiman, Thomas F. Monteleone, and Robert Wayne McCoy along with those others listed below. Robert's looking for folks who want to talk about the AmberDRPG. Drop him a line if you know of some places that have lively discussions going on, besides the mailing list.
Acquisitions are still not up to date.
January 16, 1998
A belated happy new year to every one! I'm finally back down to a normal workload. One thing the extra hours did for me though, was to provide me with some cash to hunt down some of Roger's anthology appearances. They should be in the acquisitions area soon.
In September of this year Lord of the Fantastic: Stories in Honor of Roger Zelazny ed. Martin Greenberg will be published by Avon Eos in Trade Paperback format. Geez, not even in hardback?! I still haven't heard any other information on the second book.
He Who Shapes appeared in the recent anthology The Science Fiction Century ed David Hartwell (hardback $40 isbn0-312-86338-1). Also, I found out some more information on appearances of Roger's work in the Danish fanzine Forum Fabulatorum.
I haven't made any progress in cross-checking my information with the bibliography I picked up recently. Maybe someday.
November 26, 1997
Finally, I've got the interview with Roger from Absolute Magnitude into html. I need to clean it up some, but that will have to wait until I stop working 60 hour weeks.
The Canadian Postal strike is going to slow down updates to my acquisitions page since I've got an order or two pending with some friends to the North. I did, however, receive a copy of a French magazine from a visitor to this site from France. Thanks, Adrien!
I'm still trying to locate the exact phone number for folks to call to ask the publisher of the forthcoming Friends of Roger to hurry up with the book. I think I've got the number, but I won't publish the information until I talk to the right person.
November 4, 1997
A few more additions to the discoveries and/or acquisitions page and a new addition to the list of Roger's anthologies. I've acquired another bibliography of Roger's works. Hopefully, it won't take me too long to correlate the information in it with the information I already have. When I get that task done, I'll post a notice about it.
Thanks to all of the folks who've been dropping me a line about some books I've left out, requesting the address for the artist who drew "The Last Defender of Camelot", or just to chat.
October 20, 1997
Well, I've finally had the chance to put a little more time into the program that keeps up with my Zelazny stuff. It now outputs whole html pages instead of just the guts of them. What does that mean to you? Hopefully, if you've been seeing errors when reading the pages, the number of errors will be reduced.
I'm also recovering from the loss of about 2GB of data, as one of my hard drives went poof! Shortly, the discoveries page should be updated, since I've been making lots of purchases and uncovering some more anthologies!
September 17, 1997
Warren Lapine, editor of Absolute Magnitude, sent me a copy of the interview with Roger with permission to put it on these pages. Now, if I could just remember where I put it...
I got back from WorldCon and am just now recovering from the 12-15 hour days I put in. I talked to Theodore Krulik, author of the reference book on Amber and a book about Roger, at WorldCon. He said that he has a story appearing in the second memorial book for Roger. The first one hasn't even been scheduled for print by Avon, so there's no telling when the second one will see the light of day. If I remember to find it, I'll put Avon's phone number up here so you can call and ask them to get the first book scheduled. I don't know the publisher for the second book.
August 11, 1997
I received a copy of Absolute Magnitude with an interview of Roger in it. During the interview, he mentioned that there was a third book in the "Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming" theme. It was to be titled "Incarnations of Immortality."
Also in the interview, Roger mentions that all ten Amber novels were supposed to be 3 comics per Amber novel for 30 comics in all. We know how that ended :( ! Also, all ten Amber novels were under film option. That doesn't mean a thing, except Roger got paid (probably) by a studio for them to look at his work as a potential movie.
August 3, 1997
This site was selected as the Safe for Kids Site of the Week.
July 31, 1997
Searching the web the other day, I came across some more information on the forthcoming tribute book to Roger. It is tentatively titled Friends of Roger, and is edited by Martin Greenberg and Larry Segriff. It will probably be published by Avon, but they haven't set a printing date. Two of the contributors to the anthology are Walter Jon Williams (unknown story title) and Katherine Eliska Kimbriel (If I Take the Wings of Morning). I'd bet that other contributors include: Jane Lindskold, George R. R. Martin, Harlan Ellison and Fred Saberhagen.
I also discovered copies of Carl Yoke's biography of Roger Zelazny at "Science Fiction, Mysteries and More" in New York.
Some more information on WorldCon. Don Maitz, the cover artist for Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming, will be there showing his work and signing autographs.
July 14, 1997
For those of you interested, I've built a countdown to this year's WorldCon.
June 29, 1997
Well, I'm back from the Czech Republic with copies of Ikarie in hand (much thanks to Ondrej Neff for help in obtaining them). Those of you who requested copies should be getting email from me shortly. I also pick up 14 of his books translated into the Czech language, including the Visual Guide. I think I'm still suffering from jet lag (excuses, excuses), but I hope to have all of the information incorporated into these pages in the next few days. Now that the NBA season is over, I've got much less TV to watch, so maybe I'll be able to spend more time here.
May 20, 1997
Finally, a chance to update this page! I've stumbled across a couple of limited editions of Roger's work in the past few weeks, including some volumes I had not heard of before. And those were brought to my attention by visitors to these pages. I'll hopefully be in contact with the folks who publish Ikarie, a Czech SF magazine, shortly and be acquiring a few copies of the issue Roger's work appeared in. If I manage to get extra copies, I'll be offering them on a first come, first served basis.
Feb. 26, 1997
While out surfing the web, I came across some information about "Damnation Alley" the film. Check it out here.
Jan 2, 1997
Happy New Year! Well, I've picked up some more books and I've discovered a few more that Roger has appeared in: "Modern Classics of Science Fiction" ed. by Gardner Dozois; "Modern Classics of Fantasy" ed. by Gardner Dozois; "Tomorrow Sucks" ed. by Greg Cox; "The Vampire Omnibus" ed. by Peter Haining.
Nov 22, 1996
Thanks to whoever sent my want list to Adventures in Crime and Space. I'll be picking up some books when I next go to Austin. Everbody checking out the book covers?
Nov 13, 1996
I found a new service that sends out email when a web page has changed. Down at the bottom of this page is a link to that service so, if you want to know when this page has changed, click away.
Oct 25, 1996
I'm setting up links to pictures of book covers, they should be available from the books page and probably the poetry page. I just hope I don't run out of disk space on my ISP.
Oct 18, 1996
I was looking through my collection of Roger's books the other night and came up with a question I could not answer. When did Roger incorporate the Amber Corporation? If I remember correctly, he was using it in December of 1980, but not in January of 1980. What was the first book published with a copyright Amber Corporation mark? If you know the answer, my trump is warm.
Oct 14, 1996
A Zelazny tribute anthology will be out late summer or early fall next of 1997, according to one of the potential contributors (Walter Jon Williams). Hopefully, it'll be out for next year's Worldcon and I can get everybody to sign it. Keep your eyes peeled for any information.
I've put some pictures from WorldCon '96 up on the web. I also scanned a picture of Roger from one of his earlier books, as you can tell from above.