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24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai

7/1985 Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine new

A Brief Interview with Roger Zelazny

6/1972 n1 Nova

A Burnt-Out Case

11/1978 n54 SF Commentary (Australian)

A Conversation with Roger Zelazny

6/1978 v1n2 Science Fiction (Australian)

A Hand Across the Galaxy

11/1967 n1 Arioch!

A Knight for Merytha

9/1967 n2 Kallikanzaros
1/1971 n9 Procrastination
5/1974 v1n3 Eternity - 1st new
12/1975 n72 Nueva Dimension (Spanish) new
11/1979 v1n1 Eternity - 2nd new

A Museum Piece

6/1963 Fantastic new
6/1969 n9 Strange Fantasy new
7/1979 n27 Fantastic Science Fiction new
6/1980 n8 Aliens (Italian)

A Rose for Ecclesiastes

11/1963 Fantasy & Science Fiction new
4/1964 n8 Venture new
6/1966 n151 Fiction (French) new
1/1978 v1n10 Heavy Metal new

A Thing of Terrible Beauty

4/1963 Fantastic new

A Very Good Year...

12/1979 Harvey new
6/1981 n6 Alternities new

Add Infinite Item

4/1971 n2 The Dipple Chronicle

Alas! Alas! This Woeful Fate

1/1971 n1 Official Organ of the Church of Starry Wisdom

All Roads Do lead to Amber

8/1992 #2 Amberzine new

An Essay in Amber

1/1975 Galaxy new

An Interview with Roger Zelazny

12/1972 n43 Luna Monthly
6/1976 Insight
8/1977 n225 Galassia (Italian)
1/1983 1/1/1983 Fantasy Newsletter new
12/1994 v1n1 Absolute Magnitude new

And Call Me Conrad

12/1972 n228 Fiction (French) new

...And Call Me Conrad

11/1972 n227 Fiction (French) new

And Call Me Conrad pt1

10/1965 Fantasy & Science Fiction new

And Call Me Conrad pt2

11/1965 Fantasy & Science Fiction new

And I Only Am Escaped To Tell Thee

5/1981 n2 The Twilight Zone new

And the Darkness is Harsh

1/1954 Eucuyo new

Angel, Dark Angel

8/1967 Galaxy new
1/1968 n4 Galaxis (Dutch)
7/1969 n62 Galaxie (French) new

Art versus Craft in Writing

12/1899 n12 Deep Thoughts

At the Carnival of Life (never published)

12/1899 Stellar

Author's Choice

11/1973 n7 The Alien Critic/ Science Fiction Review new
1/1973 n65 Vector (British)

Author’s Choice

11/1973 n7 The Alien Critic/ Science Fiction Review new


1/1972 n4 L'Aube Enclavee (French)

Beyond the Idea: Projecting the Future in Science Fiction

10/1988 The Writer

Brahman Timurti, A Modern Hymn To The Trinity

4/1959 v4n1 Polemic

Brahman Trimurti

7/1966 n3 Nyarlathotep new

Bring Me the Mind of Roger Zelazny

1/1995 n3 Beyond Fantasy & Science Fiction

Bulletin Symposium: The Balance Between Art and Commerce

12/1985 n90 SFWA Bulletin new

But Not the Herald

1/1965 n12 Magazine of Horror new

Circe Has Her Problem

4/1963 Amazing new
1/1966 n3 Great Science Fiction Magazine new

Collector's Fever (aka Rock Collector)

6/1964 Galaxy new
1/1978 n16 Sirus (Yugoslavian)
12/1979 n815 Urania (Italian)

Come Back to the Killing Ground, Alice, My Love

8/1992 v67n5 Amazing Stories new

Come to Me Not in Winter's White

10/1969 Fantasy & Science Fiction new
12/1969 Knight new

Come to me not in Winter’s White

5/1970 n197 Fiction (French) new

Come, Let Us Pace The Sky-Aspiring Wave

6/1965 v5 Polemic new

Come, Lets Us Pace The Sky-Aspiring Wave

4/1960 v5n1 Polemic new

Comes Now the Power

12/1966 n14 Magazine of Horror new

Coming to a Cord

6/1995 v3n2 Pirate Writings new
10/1997 #10 Amberzine new


12/1899 n1 Finder's Guide to Australterrestrials new


10/1964 n11 Double Bill

Conditional Benefit (RZ's first published work)

8/1953 n3 Thurban

Constructing a Science Fiction Novel

10/1984 The Writer new

Cordwainer Smith

8/1968 v3n3 Riverside Quarterly new
5/1971 n22 Nueva Dimension (Spanish) new


3/1968 v1n3 Anubis new
12/1979 n815 Urania (Italian)

Creatures of Darkness

3/1969 If new
11/1970 n78 Galaxie (French)

Creatures of Light

11/1968 If new
12/1969 n67 Galaxie (French)
3/1971 n561 Urania (Italian)

Cross Caribbean

4/1966 n2 Eridanus new

Cross Caribbean (excerpt)

7/1966 n2 Wizard new

Damnation Alley

10/1967 Galaxy new
1/1968 n492 Urania (Italian)


7/1981 Amazing new
10/1997 #10 Amberzine new


4/1967 2nd chapter of LoL Fantasy & Science Fiction new
4/1967 2nd chapter of LoL Fantasy & Science Fiction (British) new
12/1967 n169 Fiction (French) new

Day of Doom

6/1966 n16 Niekas


6/1985 The Twilight Zone new

De Gustibus

5/1967 n5 Nyarlathotep

Death and the Executioner

6/1967 3rd Chapt. of LoL Fantasy & Science Fiction new
6/1967 3rd Chapt. of LoL Fantasy & Science Fiction (British) new
2/1968 n171 Fiction (French) new

Decade Plus One of Roses

4/1959 Skyline new

Det daglige blod

12/1899 n11 Forum Fabulatorum

Devil Car

6/1965 Galaxy new
1/1967 n33 Galaxie (French) new

Diadoumenos of Polycletus

6/1978 n3 Haunted new


1/1954 Eucuyo new


7/1968 n7 Sirruish

Dismal Light

5/1968 If new
4/1972 n95 Galaxie (French) new

Divine Madness

6/1966 n13 Magazine of Horror new
10/1966 n167 New Worlds new
3/1978 n98 Nueva Dimension (Spanish) new

Doorways in the Sand pt1

1/1975 Analog new

Doorways in the Sand pt2

1/1975 Analog new

Doorways in the Sand pt3

1/1975 Analog new


1/1978 n3 The Anthology of Speculative Poetry new

Excerpt from Recorded Musings on Lord of Light

8/1980 Niekas Sampler

Eye of Cat

9/1982 Science Fiction Digest new

Faust Before Twelve

1/1977 n1 The Anthology of Speculative Poetry

Final Dining

2/1963 Fantastic new

For A Breath I Tarry

9/1966 Fantastic new
3/1966 n160 New Worlds new

From Asimov to Zelazny

3/1988 45 Computer Gaming World new

Future Crime

5/1979 n10 Future Life new
1/1980 Perry Rhodan (German)

Garden of Blood

6/1979 n3 Sorcerer's Apprentice new

Go Starless in the Night

10/1979 v1n5 Destinies

...good ol Martian Soldier...The Last Defender of Camelot

12/1899 n2 Asmoan

Great Amber Questionnaire

1/1978 n3 Hellride


6/1979 Omni new

Hand of the Master

12/1899 Unknown

He that Moves

1/1968 If new
1/1970 n68 Galaxie (French) new

He Who Shapes

9/1976 n81 Nueva Dimension (Spanish) new

He Who Shapes pt1

1/1965 Amazing new

He Who Shapes pt2

2/1965 Amazing new


1/1968 n1 Nozdrovia new
7/1969 n6 Cetacean

Home is the Hangman

1/1975 Analog new
3/1995 Ikarie new


8/1962 Fantastic new
1/1975 Sword and Sorcery Annual new

How About This? Roger Zelazny

12/1970 n2 Phantasmicon
4/1971 n5 Phantasmicon

How I spent my past 30 years

8/1992 v67n5 Amazing Stories new

I Used To Think In Lines That Were Irregular To The Right

6/1978 v1n2 Science Fiction (Australian)
/1980 v1n3 Science Fiction (Australian) new
7/1981 v4n4 Star*Line new

I, A Stranger And Revisited

4/1965 First Mercenary, Ben-Crud-Yo Publication #13

I, The Crooked Rose's Dream, Dumb-Sung Anatomie

1/1977 n2 The Anthology of Speculative Poetry

Ideas, Digressions and Daydreams: The Amazing Science Fiction Machine

6/1976 Insight

In the House of the Dead

7/1967 n173 New Worlds new


1/1969 If new
5/1969 n11 Mentat (German)
1/1980 #36 Science Fiction Review new
3/1981 n25 Future Life new
6/1984 v3n1 Media Sight new
3/1989 n49 Casus Belli new
10/1991 v27n4 Locus new

Interview with Roger Zelazny: From Myth to Science Fiction

1/1992 v3n4 Midnight Zoo new

Intervista Con Roger Zelazny

3/1977 n12 Robot (Italian)


11/1989 Demon Knight new

Is There a Demon Lover in the House?

9/1977 Heavy Metal new

Itself Surprised

8/1984 Omni new

Jack of Shadows

6/1972 n222 Fiction (French) new
4/1972 n220 Fiction (French) new
5/1972 n221 Fiction (French) new

Jack of Shadows pt1

7/1971 Fantasy & Science Fiction new

Jack of Shadows pt2

8/1971 Fantasy & Science Fiction new

King Solomon's Ring

10/1963 Fantastic new
7/1968 n11 Great Science Fiction Magazine new

Lamentation of the Prematurely Old Satyr

7/1965 n149 Yandro

Lamentations of the Venusian Pensioner, Golden Apples of the Sun Retirement Home, Earthcolony VI, P'deth, Venus

9/1966 n15 Double Bill new

Late, Late Show

5/1966 n37 Tightbeam


1/1972 n40 SFWA Bulletin new

Lester Del Rey: Toward a Sufficient Demonolatry

1/1971 Marcon IV Program Booklet

Letter of Comment

7/1966 n2 Wizard new
1/1972 n21 SFWA Forum new
11/1973 n7 The Alien Critic/ Science Fiction Review new
1/1976 n7 Apollo new
5/1977 #21 Science Fiction Review new


January/1969 n3 & n4 Nargathrond

Looking Forward: Excerpt from Flare

8/1992 v67n5 Amazing Stories new

Love is an Imaginary Number

1/1966 n158 New Worlds new


6/1964 Worlds of Tomorrow new
10/1968 n53 Galaxie (French) new


9/1981 Amazing new

Mine is the Kingdom (under ps. Harrison Denmark)

8/1963 Amazing new

Monologue for Two (under ps. Harrison Denmark)

5/1963 Fantastic new

Moonless in Byzantium

12/1962 Amazing new
12/1967 n7 The Most Thrilling Science Fiction Ever new


7/1968 n7 Sirruish
1/1972 n10 Procrastination
1/1974 v1n4 Eternity - 1st new

Morning with Music

3/1968 n2 Trypod
7/1972 v1n1 Eternity - 1st new

Mr. Fuller's Revolt (aka Mister Fuller's Revolt)

1/1954 Eucuyo new
10/1954 v7n1 Literary Cavalcade

My Lady of the Diodes

1/1970 n8 Granfalloon new
1/1981 Eternity - 2nd

Night Kings

9/1986 If new

Nine Princes in Amber

1/1975 n1 Nine Princes in Amber

Nine Starships Waiting

3/1963 Fantastic new
4/1969 n8 Strange Fantasy new
6/1981 n6 Alternities new

No Award

2/1977 v249n1 Saturday Evening Post new


1/1971 n1 The Dipple Chronicle new

Of Time and the Yan

6/1965 Fantasy & Science Fiction new
7/1973 n235 Fiction (French) new

Old Ohio Folkfrag

6/1964 n9 Double Bill

On the Death of a Manned Stellar Observation Satellite Through an Erroneous Orbital Adjustment

/ Unpublished

On the Return of the Mercurian Flamebird after Nesting

6/1965 Second Mercenary, Ben-Crud-Yo Publication #16

On the Road to Splenoba

1/1963 Fantastic new

Pa andedrag jeg bier

12/1899 n16 Forum Fabulatorum

Paranoid Game

6/1981 n6 Alternities new

Passage to Dilfar

2/1965 Fantastic new
12/1979 n5 Sorcerer's Apprentice new

Passion Play

8/1962 Amazing new
1/1967 n8 Great Science Fiction Magazine new
12/1978 v2n1 Unearth new
1/1992 Amazing Stories new

Pattern in Rebma

6/1967 n1 Kallikanzaros


/ Bifrost new
4/1986 Omni new

Philip K. Dick

3/1982 v5n2 Star*Line new

Philip K. Dick Appreciation

5/1982 256 Locus

Philip K. Dick: Electric Shepherd

5/1982 Philip K. Dick: Electric Shepherd


12/1967 n3 Kallikanzaros

Projecting your ideas fifty years into the future

3/1988 The Writer new


8/1967 n9 Infinite Fanac

Quest's End

6/1987 Omni new

Questionnaire for Professional Science Fiction Writers and Editors

10/1963 n7 Double Bill
9/1969 Symposium Double Bill new

Re: A Rose for Ecclesiastes

6/1968 n14 No-Eyed Monster

Recorded Musings on Lord of Light

Unknown/Unknown Niekas

Rencontre Avec Roger Zelazny

5/1972 n96 Galaxie (French)

Roger interviews Fred Pohl

4/1974 v2n3 Thrust Science Fiction new

Roger Zelazny

8/1980 n36 The Alien Critic/ Science Fiction Review

Roger Zelazny - A Fanzine Bibliography

6/1968 n9 Collector's Bulletin

Roger Zelazny & Comics

1/1996 #9 Amberzine new

Roger Zelazny Answers Questions

1/1977 n13 Procrastination

Roger Zelazny: From Myth to Science Fiction

7/1984 Amazing new

Science Fiction And How It Got That Way

5/1971 v84n5 The Writer

Science Fiction Writing at Length

11/1991 The Writer


12/1967 n3 Kallikanzaros

Sign of the Unicorn pt1

1/1975 Galaxy new

Sign of the Unicorn pt2

2/1975 Galaxy new

Sign of the Unicorn pt3

3/1975 Galaxy new

Slush, Slush, Slush

1/1955 Eucuyo new

Some Science Fiction Parameters: A Biased View

7/1975 Galaxy new
6/1977 n25/26 Antaeus new

Somewhere a Piece of Colored Light

9/1964 n10 Double Bill new

Song of the Blue Baboon

8/1968 If new
4/1969 n59 Galaxie (French) new

Song of the Dolphin ????

3/1980 n7 Aliens (Italian)

Song of the Ring

12/1964 n10 Niekas

Sorry folks, I never could think up imaginative titles

10/1967 n3 Hugin And Munin new

St. Secaire's

6/1978 n3 Haunted

Stand Pat, Ruby Stone

11/1978 v1n1 Destinies

Starting Backwards

4/1993 #3 Amberzine new

Staying Power: An Interview with Roger Zelazny

1/1994 n29 The Leading Edge


6/1968 n19 Odd Magazine new
5/1969 n11 Mentat (German)

Sun's Trophy Stirring

4/1971 n2 The Dipple Chronicle

Sundry Notes on Dybology and Suchlike

9/1964 Science Fiction Parade

Synopsis of Part One

11/1965 Fantasy & Science Fiction new
6/1981 n6 Alternities new

Talebones Interview: Roger Zelazny

1/1996 Spring Talebones


1/1965 n2 Kronos

The Art of Fantasy

1/1994 v2n2 Science Fiction Age new

The Bells of Shoredan

3/1966 Fantastic new
9/1980 n8 Sorcerer's Apprentice new

The Borgia Hand

3/1963 Amazing new
4/1971 n21 Science Fiction Greats new

The Cat Licks Her Coat

1/1967 n5 Tapeworm

The Courts of Chaos pt1

11/1977 Galaxy new

The Courts of Chaos pt2

12/1977 Galaxy new

The Courts of Chaos pt3

2/1978 Galaxy new

The Doctrine of the Perfect Lie

12/1978 v1n3 Science Fiction (Australian)
/1980 v1n3 Science Fiction (Australian) new

The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth

3/1965 Fantasy & Science Fiction new
5/1967 n162 Fiction (French) new
9/1974 352 Jules-Verne Magasinet new
1/1977 n10 Robot (Italian)
3/1978 n12 Star Reach new

The Drawing

9/1965 n10 Algol new
1/1967 n1 Sevagram (Italian)

The Engine at Heartspring's Center

1/1974 Analog new
6/1979 n2 Fantascienza
8/1980 n5 Alternities new

The Eve of RUMOKO

10/1970 n551 Urania (Italian)

The Furies

6/1965 Amazing new
10/1972 Thrilling Science Fiction new

The Game of Blood and Dust

4/1975 Galaxy new
6/1984 v1n24 Epic Illustrated new

The Genre: A Geological Survey

6/1973 The (Baltimore Sunday) Sun

The Graveyard Heart

3/1964 Fantastic new
3/1970 n14 Nueva Dimension (Spanish)

The Great Slow Kings

12/1963 Worlds of Tomorrow new
7/1972 n98 Galaxie (French)

The Guest of Honor Speech: Ozarkon 2

1/1967 n5 Sirruish new

The Hand of Oberon pt. 2

7/1976 Galaxy new

The Hand of Oberon pt. 3

9/1976 Galaxy new

The Hand of Oberon pt.1

5/1976 Galaxy new

The House of the Hanged Man

9/1966 n15 Double Bill new

The Injured

1/1965 n2 Kronos

The Keys to December

8/1966 n165 New Worlds new

The Last Defender of Camelot

6/1979 n3 Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine new
1/1980 n3 Isaac Asimov Rivista (Italian)
4/1980 v3 Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Anthology new

The Last Inn on the Road

10/1967 n176 New Worlds new
1/1972 n5 L'Aube Enclavee (French)

The Last of the Wild Ones

3/1981 Omni new

The Malatesta Collection

4/1963 Fantastic new

The Man at the Corner of Now and Forever

1/1970 n7 Exile

The Man Who Loved the Faioli

6/1967 Galaxy new
11/1971 n90 Galaxie (French) new

The Man Without A Shadow

4/1958 Skyline
5/1965 v2n34 Amra new

The Misfit

10/1963 Amazing new
4/1968 n8 The Most Thrilling Science Fiction Ever

The Monster and the Maiden

12/1964 Galaxy new
12/1971 n27 Nueva Dimension (Spanish) new

The Naked Matador

7/1981 Amazing new

The New Pleasure

9/1964 n10 Double Bill new

The Night has 999 Eyes

10/1964 n11 Double Bill

The Parts that are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes

7/1978 n67 SFWA Bulletin new
2/1979 n15 Empire Science Fiction
9/1986 n93 SFWA Bulletin new
6/1995 n127 SFWA Bulletin new

The Princes

12/1967 n3 Kallikanzaros

The Salesman's Tale

7/1994 #7 Amberzine new
2/1994 #6 Amberzine new

The Salvation of Faust

7/1964 Fantasy & Science Fiction new
4/1973 n232 Fiction (French) new

The Search for the Historical L. Sprague de Camp, or, the Complete Dragon-catcher

1/1966 n1 Tricon Progress Report

The Shroudling and the Guisel

10/1994 Realms of Fantasy new
11/1995 #8 Amberzine new

The Song Beneath the Skin

/ n33 Critical Wave

The Stainless Steel Leech

4/1963 Amazing new
1/1966 n2 The Most Thrilling Science Fiction Ever

The Stars Reaction to Star Wars

12/1977 v3n28 cobblestone new

The Steel General

1/1969 If new
6/1970 n73 Galaxie (French) new

The Teachers Rode a Wheel of Fire

10/1962 Fantastic new

The Three Descents of Jeremy Baker

7/1995 Fantasy & Science Fiction new
10/1995 Jules-Verne Magasinet new
6/1995 v1n5 VB Tech Journal

The White Beast

10/1979 n13-14 Whispers new

The Writers: The Process of Composing

1/1985 Science Fiction Chronicle

The Year of the Good Seed

12/1969 Galaxy new

Theater of the Subconscious (An interview)

2/1986 vXVI Xignals new

Thelinde's Song

6/1965 Fantastic new
9/1970 n13 Strange Fantasy new
1/1981 n9-10 Sorcerer's Apprentice new

There is Always a Poem

3/1968 n18 Double Bill new

This Moment of the Storm

6/1966 Fantasy & Science Fiction new
6/1966 Fantasy & Science Fiction (British) new
12/1966 n157 Fiction (French) new
1/1977 n? Sirus (Yugoslavian)

This Mortal Mountain

/ Science Fiction Stories 24
11/1967 n43 Galaxie (French) new
3/1967 If new

Thoughts of the Jupiterian Frantifier Fish during the 'Night' Freeze at which time, unfortunately, consciousness is maintained

3/1968 n4 Kallikanzaros new
1/1971 n9 Procrastination

Three Newspaper Pieces

5/1974 n11 Phantasmicon

Threshold of the Prophet

5/1963 Fantastic new

Tribute to Roger Zelazny, 1937-1995

1/1995 n31 The Leading Edge


4/1959 Skyline new

Tunnel Vision

5/1994 n3 Galaxy new

Unicorn Variation

4/1981 Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine new


8/1967 n9 Insight
10/1972 The Writer
12/1976 n35 Nova SF (Italian) new

Up against the wall (an interview)

11/1972 n10 Phantasmicon
11/1973 n7 The Alien Critic/ Science Fiction Review new

Vampirobot (nee The Stainless Steel Leech)

4/1980 n2 SF...ere (Italian)

What is Left When the Soul is Sold

1/1967 n166 Yandro

What's Hot on the Presses

3/1982 Los Angeles Magazine

Wriggle Under George Washington Bridge

4/1971 n2 The Dipple Chronicle
1/1977 n1 The Anthology of Speculative Poetry

Writing SF

1/1980 v1n2 Eternity - 2nd new

Youth Eternal

1/1955 Eucuyo new

Zelazny's Santa Fe

3/1992 #1 Amberzine new