Which member of the Royal House of Amber
are you?

Are you a master at using swords?
I am Eric's teacher Which end do I grab?

Do you believe in true love?
There is only one for me You should see the trail of broken hearts in my wake

How creative are you?
Julliard has begged me to teach I'll just watch, thank you.

Do you like animals?
My house is a zoo Yecch!

Are you a natural leader?
Absolutely Nope, I'm a follower

Do you like to sail?
Salt water is in my blood I'm a land-lubber

How vain are you?
The mirror is my best friend There are no mirrors in my house

Are you a political animal?
Folks think I'm Bill Clinton No.

Are you willing to wait for things?
Folks call me Job I want it now!

Do you love to plot and scheme?
Oh, yes. Nah, it's too much trouble

Do you prefer sorcery or steel?
I am Harry Potter Give me a blade!

Do you have a military mind?
I was a General in a former life What's a squad?