Synopses of Roger's stories

A NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER( Illustrated by Gahan Wilson )
This novel set in and around London in the late 1800's features some very unusual literary figures including the mysterious doctor whose house is always surrounded by thunderstorms, crazy Jill the witch, the count who lives in the graveyard, a mad monk named Rastov, the great detective and his faithful friend, and a man named Jack who carries an extremely large knife. These prominent people are playing a dangerous game which will either loose the elder gods upon the world again, or keep them pent-up for a few more years. And if that doesn't sound strange enough, the story is a daily journal written by Jack's watchdog Snuff.
synopsis by KERRY LAMB
THE BLACK THRONE( written with Fred Saberhagen )
Do you like Edgar Allen Poe?
That's what I ask of all of the people that I recommend this book to, because he is one of three main characters. Along with Edgar A. Perry, his Earth based counterpart, and Annie their childhood love who has been kidnapped by villains in Poe's world. Now it's up to Edgar Perry to save her and if he can to save Edgar Poe from the insanity of being trapped in the wrong world alone.
This book is a wonder filled adventure through some of Edgar Allen Poe's most macabre stories, with Zelazny's wonderful descriptive writing combined with Saberhagen's sense of timing which speeds the story along to an explosive climax.
synopsis by KERRY LAMB
After the "Big Raid" only a few places in America are inhabitable and these have become countries unto themselves with little contact with the other countries that are left, mostly due to a world where mother nature has gone mad. Damnation Alley is what lies between the countries, bad lands of scarred glass and radioactive craters, populated by giant creatures and covered by the dead zone, winds that circle the globe at an altitude of a few hundred feet, tearing apart mountains and throwing boulders like hail.
Across this amazing landscape a man named Hell Tanner, must drive from the Country of California to the Country of Boston carrying a vaccine for a deadly plague. Armed with a bad attitude and an even badder 32 foot armored car he must cross the continent to save the people of Boston and to gain a pardon from all of his past crimes in California.
synopsis by KERRY LAMB
William Blackhorse Singer is a Navajo who has lived so long as to see his people's customs and traditions evolve into something just as alien as the many worlds he has visited. As a tracker for the Interstellar Life Institute he hunted alien landscapes and brought back many indigenous creatures to be studied. One of those creatures has haunted him over the years, the shapeshifter he dubbed Cat might have shown signs of human like intelligence, but Billy told no one when he brought it back long ago.
Now the hunter becomes the hunted as he quests for the things he has lost in more than a century and a half of life.
synopsis by KERRY LAMB
He is known as Siddhartha, Binder of Demons, the Enlightened One, Buddha, and Mahasamatman, but he prefers to drop the Maha- and the -atman, and be called Sam. Sam is one of the original colonists of the planet on which he lives, as are the men who call themselves gods. Using technology that is denied to their offspring, they have formed the Hindu pantheon on this faraway world. There is just one thing that opposes their rule, Sam. He lost his first campaign against the gods and they sent him to Nirvana instead of making him a martyr. But he's come back and all of the pieces of his master plan are coming together to topple the pantheon.
This powerful novel set in a mystic world ruled by Hinduism won Roger Zelazny the Hugo Award.
synopsis by KERRY LAMB
James Wiley is a boy with problems. His sister is a witch, the exchange student living with his family is a trained assassin, his uncle is a werewolf, and James gets itchy palms about once a month. But that's okay since his family travels between parallel worlds like normal people go out of town for the weekend. The problem is that his father, the scientist in the family, is missing and there are signs of foul play. James, his sister Beth, and Berry, the exchange student, are off on a grand adventure to find his father.
synopsis by KERRY LAMB