Nine Princes in Amber - the movie

From the Hollywood Reporter:
  9:36pm ET, 8-October-98

         Zelazny's Amber Headed To Film

         Ed Neumeier, who adapted Robert Heinlein's classic
         SF novel Starship Troopers for the big screen, will
         next turn his hand to Roger Zelazny's fantasy novel
         Nine Princes in Amber, according to The Hollywood
         Reporter.  Producer Mark Canton and Batman Forever
         writer Akiva Goldsman are teaming with Neumeier to
         turn Nine Princes into a feature film.

         The story centers around a man who awakens one day
         with amnesia, only to learn that he is the prince
         of a powerful realm that exists on a greater plane
         than our own. He finds he must fight his way
         through political intrigues that would put the
         Greek gods to shame even as he struggles to regain
         his memory.

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Information on the mini-series
SCI FI Channel Announces Ambitious New Slate of Original Movies and Miniseries
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THE CHRONICLES OF AMBER (4-hour miniseries) - Based on award-winning writer Roger Zelazny's (Lord of the Light, Creatures of Light and Darkness, Home is the Hangman, A Rose For Ecclesiastes) classic international-best selling 10 volume "Chronicles of Amber" series (over 3 1/2 million copies worldwide have been translated into ten languages), this is the story of a royal family with amazing powers over time and space who are plagued by infighting as they try to unite against a sinister enemy. Corwin is a prince of Amber, the "immortal city from which every other city has taken its shape." He has spent centuries on Earth as an amnesiac but when someone in the family tries to kill him, Corwin begins a search for his past. Richard Christian Matheson (Sole Survivor) will adapt the screenplay for SCI FI. Tom Patricia (First Shot, King of the World: The Muhammad Ali Story, Intensity, Medusa's Child, The Linda McCartney Story) of Patriarch Pictures will serve as executive producer.