Convention Appearances

1955Clevention (WorldCon)(as a fan)Cleveland, Oh.
1965Balticon 1 (Major Financial Underwriter)Baltimore, Md.
1966Disclave (Guest of Honor)Washington, D.C.
1967LunaconNY, NY
1968BayCon (WorldCon)Oakland, Ca.
1969Fan Fair I (Guest of Honor)Toronto, Canada
1974Worldcon 1974 (Guest of Honor)Washington, D.C.
1977Roc*Kon 1Little Rock, Arkansas
SunCon (WorldCon)Florida
City Council dinner/reception with PKD, John Brunner, Harry Harrison, Robert Sheckley and Harlan EllisonMetz, France
1978Unicon IVAustralia
1979UrCon 1 (Guest of Honor)University of Rochester
Disclave 79 (Guest of Honor) (May 25-28)Washington, D.C.
1980V-Con 8 (Guest of Honor) (May 23-25)Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Minicon of some sortTexas A&M University
Westercon (Guest of Honor)Los Angeles, CA.
Rivercon VLouisville, KY.
1981Bubonicon 13 (Guest of Honor)Albuquerque, N.M.
1982Aggiecon 13Texas A&M University
Congestion (NOSFA 1982)
19857th Annual Eaton Conference on Fantasy and Science FictionUC - Riverside
1986Per Ardua Ad Astra (Guest of Honor)Toronto
Dallas Fantasy Fair (July 4-6)Dallas, Tx.
JAFCON (Oct 3-5)Salt Lake City, Ut.
1987Balticon 21 (Guest of Honor)Baltimore
1989Lunacon (Guest of Honor)Rye Brook, N.Y.
1990Norwescon XII (Guest of Honor)Tacoma, Wa.
1991MOC 6 (March 1991)Greenville, S.C.
Rovacon (Oct 2-3)Lynchburg College, Va.
1992Conduit (Guest of Honor)Salt Lake City, Utah
I-Con XI (Apr 3-5)Stonybrook University, N.Y.
MARCON 27 (May 22-25)Columbus, Oh.
CopperCon 12 (Guest of Honor) (Sep 10-13)Phoenix, Az.
Con-Cept (Guest of Honor)(October 17-18)Stonybrook University, N.Y.
19931993 World Fantasy ConventionBloomington, Mn
Archon 17 (Toastmaster)(June 25-27)St. Louis, Mo.
Loscon 20 (Guest of Honor)(November 26-28)Burbank, Ca.
Lunicon 14Leeds University
Kaleidoscope 1 (Guest of Honor)Lynchburg, Virginia
Rustycon X (Guest of Honor)(Jan 15 - 17)Sea-Tac, Wa.
Fourth Street Fantasy ConventionMinneapolis, Mn.
1994Life, the Universe, and Everything XIIProvo, Utah
Miscon 9Missoula, Montana
1995ConquestVictoria, Australia
Cybercon 5Colorado State University
DemiCon VI (Guest of Honor)Des Moines, IA.
Silvercon 4 (he passed away before this one)Las Vegas, NV
GenCon (Guest of Honor) (he passed away before this one)Lake Geneva, WI.