A Chronology of Roger's Life

1937 Born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 13
1943-49 Attends Noble School in Euclid, Ohio
1949-52 Attends Shore Junior High School in Euclid, Ohio
1952-55 Attends Euclid High School
1954 Diet, Mr. Fuller's Revolt, and And the Darkness is Harsh appear in Eucuyo. Sells Mr. Fuller's revolt to Literary Cavalcade
1955 Eucuyo publishes Slush, Slush, Slush and Youth Eternal
1955-59 Attends Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio
1957 Wins Finley Foster Poetry Prize
1959 Wins Finley Foster Poetry Prize for the second time
1959-60 Attends Columbia University for graduate work
1960 Joins Ohio National Guard
1960-63 Serves Guard obligation
1962 Graduates from Columbia with M.A. in Elizabethean and Jacobean Drama
Hires on with Social Security Administration
1964 Involved in serious automobile accident
Father, Joseph Zelazny, dies
Marries Sharon Steberl
1965 Moves to Baltimore
1966 Divorced from Sharon Steberl Marries Judith Alene Callahan
1968 Wins Hugo for Lord of Light
1969 Writing becomes his full-time job, leaving the SSA
1970 Publishes Nine Prince in Amber
1971 Son, Devin, born
1974 Guest of Honor at World Science Fiction Convention
1975 Moves to Santa Fe, N.M.
1976 Son, Jonathan Trent, born
1979 Daughter, Shannon, born
1990 Western Reserve Alumni Association Creative Achievement Award
1995 Euclid Public Schools Alumni Association Distinguished Achievement Hall of Fame
Dies on June 14
Cremation and scattering of ashes across the mountains outside of Santa Fe