The Doors to the Caves

July 18, 2016
Apparently the creator of "The Walking Dead" has acquired the rights to do the Amber Series on TV. More information here.
May 27, 2016
A heads up to let everyone know that "Manna From Heaven" is officially out of print. The rights to the stories included in the collection have reverted back to Roger's estate.
I am selling my extra copies of the collection on ebay. Currently, the ones I have that are signed by Steven Brust are up for auction. If I'm lucky, I'll remember to take some of my other copies with me to some conventions this year and get them signed by Steven, and Bob
January 28, 2014
Not much of an update here. I've found some more copies of foreign language magazines. Some of those will be on their way to me as I can afford them. The big, recent acquisition is the frontispiece painting for Easton Press' Nine Princes in Amber by Ron Walotsky. It's a gorgeous painting. You can see it here. Now to figure out how to frame it to its best advantage.
November 24, 2012
Warren Lapine and Trent Zelazny have put together a tribute to Roger that they are trying to fund. "Shadows and Reflections: a Roger Zelazny Tribute Anthology" They are also looking for stories set in any of the various universes that Zelazny created in his short stories and novels, with the exception of the Amber universe. Go by and see what they're looking for and what they're trying to do at: indiegogo.
May 28, 2012
I've stumbled across some folks selling some foreign language magazines. I've completed my collection of Galaxie. It also appears there are more occurrences of Roger's work in the French magazine Fiction than Amber Dreams had record of. Some of those will be in my hands shortly for confirmation.
According to web site visitor Mike, is reissuing the unabridged Amber books on CD. They've acquired the original recording RZ made for Sunset Productions and done some digital cleanup. The first series is out, the first four of the Merlin books are due out later this year. They also have A Night in the Lonesome October and Wilderness available on CD. CD are $30 each, MP3 are $21. I may have to call them and see if there is a volume discount for buying all of them.
September 28, 2011
Chris has provided me with some new information. One is that he found a link to a video of Roger reading some stories at the 4th Street Fantasy Convention in 1986. It's neat to see him getting into the story and hearing the audience's reaction. The video on youtube
Also, he and his wife wrote an article for The New York Review of Science Fiction: "Medical Myths and Errors in Science Fiction and Fantasy." They discuss such things as eyes closing at death, rapid death from a stabbing in the belly (as in Game of Thrones), bodies bursting and blood boiling in vacuum, knocking someone out with a blow to the head or neck, etc. He mentions Zelazny at the end for an example of "getting it right."
May 26, 2011
Jim Black is providing me with some summaries of some of Roger's books. I added the one for NPiA to the site today.
May 19, 2011
Jeff Jones, the artist for the first mass-market paperback edition of Nine Princes in Amber died today. May the earth rest lightly on him.
April 26, 2011
My wife and I took a tour of the North East this past weekend. We flew into Cleveland. From there we visited Euclid, Oh., Roger's hometown. We stopped by the High School and snapped a couple of pictures. We wanted to get into the school, but they were on Spring Break.
From the HS, we went to the local library, where they said "Roger Who?" Sigh. They did have some of Roger's yearbooks in their collection, so we managed to get some of his high school pictures and get a list of some of the activites Roger participated in while in school. It also listed his nickname as "Zlaz".
The library also had some phone books from around the time he was in high school, so we looked him up. We wrote down the address and set out to find the house. It didn't take too long. I took a couple of pictures. I did not think it would be a good thing to knock on the door and see if I could come in and take a look.
Roger was in: Chess club, Creative writing, National Honor Society, Euclidian editorial staff (the yearbook), Eucuyo, Future Teachers, Movie Club, P. A. Announcer, Scrabble Club, Student Council and Quill and Scroll.
Pictures of the high school: one, two, three. Pictures of his home: one, two.
January 30, 2011
Daniel Wilson chose For a Breath I Tarry as one of his 5 best Robotics SF novels. The interview is here.
March 8, 2010
According to Locus online, Roger is to be inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in Seattle. This will occur on the weekend of June 25-27.
January 12, 2009
I've linked in a copy of the Agnostic's Prayer, the interview from Absolute Magnitude, the excursion a fan with Roger, Judy, Devin and Trent and the inteview from Phlogiston 44
I've put just a couple of books up for sale here.
January 5, 2009
I finally spent the time to get the "Which member of the Royal House of Amber are you?" working again. Give it a try.
Also, I have copies of Manna from Heaven available. Most of them are signed by Stephen Brust. I, of course, would be happy to sign any copies sold. If you want a copy .
January 5, 2009
I finished the ARC of Dead Man's Brother. I enjoyed it quite a bit. There was a bit of a slow down in the middle of the book, but it was great to hear Roger's voice again. I will be buying a copy when it is published. Now that's not terribly surprising, but I've got to say it anyway.
Christopher Kovacs says the NESFA site now has Michael Whelan's artwork and partial table of contents (minus poetry) for the first two volumes posted for the new Zelazny collection. The first two volumes are going to be released in February at Boskone. and Volume II
I'm very likely to attend Boskone to pick up the first two volumes in person and get them signed by Chris. This would be my first convention in the extreme northeast. I've been to Baltimore and Philadelphia for conventions in the past.
Here is a list of some of my more recent discoveries and/or acquisitions.
If you want to read some of the older stuff, check out the old news.