Roger Zelazny

Roger Zelazny's
Cover Artists

Barnett, Peggy The Doors of His Face
the Lamps of His Mouth - Doubleday
Barr, George Gone To Earth - Pulphouse
Bernstein, Howard Lord of Light - Doubleday
Bode, Vaughn Here There Be Dragons
Way Up High
Bok, Hannes A Rose for Ecclesiastes,Magazine, November, 1963
Burr, Linda
Cabrera, Armand The Doors of His Face
the Lamps of His Mouth - Pulphouse
Canty, Thomas Dilvish The Damned - Underwood-Miller
The Changing Land - Underwood-Miller
Castellon, H. This Moment of the Storm, Magazine, June, 1966
Cayea, John Deus Irae - Doubleday
Dameron, Ned Trumps of Doom - Underwood-Miller
Blood of Amber - Underwood-Miller
DiFate, Vincent This Immortal - Easton Press
Eagleson, Duncan A Rhapsody in Amber - Cheap Street
Edwards, Amelia Nine Princes in Amber - Doubleday
Edwards, Lawrence Isle of the Dead - Rapp & Whiting
Emshwiller, Ed The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His
Mouth , Magazine, March, 1965
Fabian, Stephen Eye of Cat - Underwood-Miller
For A Breath I Tarry - Underwood-Miller
Foss, Chris Today We Choose Faces - Millington
Gardner, Stephen Doorways in the Sand - HarperPrism
Griffiths, Dave Sign of the Unicorn - Faber & Faber
Herring, Michael The Changing Land - DelRey
the Damned - DelRey
Roadmarks - DelRey
Hildebrandt, Tim My Name Is Legion - DelRey
Hughes, Debbie Four for Tomorrow - Baen
Jainschigg, Nicholas The Williamson Effect - Tor
Kukalis, Romas Wheel of Fortune - AvoNova
Leigh, Dennis The Doors of His Face
the Lamps of His Mouth - Faber & Faber
Loeser, Judith Jack of Shadows - Walker
Lyon, Pete A Dark Travelling - Beaver
A Dark Travelling - Hutchinson
Maitz, Don Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming
If at Faust You Don't Succeed
Mattingly, David The Black Throne - Baen
Forever After - Baen
Miura, Terry Deus Irae - MacMillan
Morrill, Rowena Madwand - Underwood-Miller
This Immortal - Ace 1980
Morrisey, Dean The Black Throne - SFBC
Flare - Baen
Morrow, Gray The Illustrated Roger Zelazny - Ace
The Illustrated Roger Zelazny - Baronet
... And Call Me Conrad, Magazine , November, 1965
Dawn, Magazine, April, 1967
Murray, Mara To Spin is Miracle Cat - Underwood-Miller
Pollard, Geoffrey When Pussywillows Last in the Catyard Bloomed - Nostrilia Press
Posen, Mike A Night in the Lonesome October - Orbit
Quale, Chris My Name is Legion - Faber & Faber
Rheaume, John The Dream Master - Baen
Ruddell, Gary The Mask of Loki - Baen
Schongut, Emanuel The Guns of Avalon - Doubleday
Starrett, James Creatures of Light and Darkness - Doubleday
Steadman, Broeck If at Faust You Don't Succeed - BantamSpectra
Stone, David A Rose for Ecclesiastes - RHD
Tanner, Bert Death and the Executioner, Magazine, June, 1967
Targete, Jean The Guns of Avalon - AvoNova
The Hand of Oberon - AvoNova
Nine Princes in Amber - AvoNova
Sign of the Unicorn - AvoNova
The Courts of Chaos - AvoNova
Trumps of Doom - AvoNova
Blood of Amber - AvoNova
Sign of Chaos - AvoNova
Knight of Shadows - AvoNova
Prince of Chaos - AvoNova
Taylor, Geoff Knight of Shadows - Orbit
Prince of Chaos - Orbit
Vallejo, Boris
Vallejo, Dorian Warriors of Blood and Dream - AvoNova
Walotsky, Ron Lord of Light - Avon
Nine Princes in Amber - Avon
The Guns of Avalon - Avon
Sign of the Unicorn - Avon
The Hand of Oberon - Avon
The Courts of Chaos - Avon
Jack of Shadows, Magazine, July, 1971
Jack of Shadows, Magazine, August, 1971
Warhola, James Unicorn Variations
A Night in the Lonesome October
Last Defender of Camelot - reprint
White, Tim Frost & Fire - Avon
The Courts of Chaos - Avon
Knight of Shadows - Avon
Eye of Cat - Avon
Prince of Chaos - Avon
Wright, David Wilderness - Tor
Zimmerman, James Hymn to the Sun
Last Defender of Camelot - Comic Book
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