Lord of Light

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Synopsis of the book

He is known as Siddhartha, Binder of Demons, the Enlightened One, Buddha, and Mahasamatman, but he prefers to drop the Maha- and the -atman, and be called Sam. Sam is one of the original colonists of the planet on which he lives, as are the men who call themselves gods. Using technology that is denied to their offspring, they have formed the Hindu pantheon on this faraway world. There is just one thing that opposes their rule, Sam. He lost his first campaign against the gods and they sent him to Nirvana instead of making him a martyr. But he's come back and all of the pieces of his master plan are coming together to topple the pantheon.

This powerful novel set in a mystic world ruled by Hinduism won Roger Zelazny the Hugo Award.

synopsis by KERRY LAMB