Damnation Alley

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Synopsis of the book

After the "Big Raid" only a few places in America are inhabitable and these have become countries unto themselves with little contact with the other countries that are left, mostly due to a world where mother nature has gone mad. Damnation Alley is what lies between the countries, bad lands of scarred glass and radioactive craters, populated by giant creatures and covered by the dead zone, winds that circle the globe at an altitude of a few hundred feet, tearing apart mountains and throwing boulders like hail.

Across this amazing landscape a man named Hell Tanner, must drive from the Country of California to the Country of Boston carrying a vaccine for a deadly plague. Armed with a bad attitude and an even badder 32 foot armored car he must cross the continent to save the people of Boston and to gain a pardon from all of his past crimes in California.

synopsis by KERRY LAMB